Foam board signs give you the best of both worlds – a sharp, professional look, combined with a super-lightweight design. Fade-resistant printing means they’ll last for years, whether you use them to welcome visitors, direct employees or even just decorate. They’re also a great way to let shoppers know about seasonal specials or featured products in your store.

Foam Board Printing is the Perfect Streamlined Display for Dazzling Images Looking for a creative and economical way to display your favorite photos or artworks? Why spend a fortune on framing when you can mount your high-quality images on sturdy foam board. We offer the most affordable foam board printing online.

Foam board is ideal for mounting colorful images because they stay vibrant longer. Foam board printing creates a moisture barrier during the laminate process that helps prevent bowing and warping, common problems in other mounting processes. Our quick guide to foam board mounting gives you a good idea why this method is so popular. You can display an image of almost any size with foam board printing.

Foam board printing makes a great gift, and we can ship your mounted prints anywhere in Singapore. We deliver quality products at affordable prices. How do we do it? With low overhead and an in-house design team, we pass on great savings to you.


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